About Us

The Global Engagement Office (GEO) is responsible for forming and implementing a coherent strategy to promote the University’s international development and global profile. The roles and functions of the office are as follows:

  • To establish partnerships with overseas higher education institutions and support the sustainable development of mutually benefiting partnerships;
  • To promote global education at SUSTC by providing opportunities for current students to study, research and intern abroad, and by admitting international students to create a diverse and global cultural environment on campus;
  • To serving as a think tank for the University by providing knowledge, policy recommendations and strategy proposals concerning the University’s international development;
  • To support the international initiatives and activities of other academic and administrative units in the University and contribute to the development of an international campus;
  • To collect institutional data on international development, conduct self-study and make efforts for continuous improvement through reflective practice.

Contact Us


ZHENG Chunmiao,Vice Provost (Global Strategies) and Director
SCHNEIDER Thomas, Associate Vice President (International) and Associate Director
LI Xu, Associate Director

Global Partnership:

GU Hua       +86-755-88010313
YANG Dan  +86-755-88010400
XU Yang      +86-755-88018073
XU Yang      +86-755-88018011

International Admission (Undergraduate):

JIAO Jie +86-755-88018005
YU Zhi   +86-755-88015435

Global Education:

CLARKE Chirstopher  +86-755-88018009
WANG Fang                  The phone has not been……
SUN Mengdie               +86-755-88018091
LIU Jie                           +86-755-88018020

University Ranking:

XU Hailing  +86-755-88018021

General Affairs:

LI Qian      +86-755-88018004
DENG Bin  +86-755-88018091
LEI Luo      +86-755-88018003 

Public Affairs Passport and Visa Service:

ZOU Yongjian   +86-755-88018003

HONG kong, Macau, Taiwan  Affairs:

DENG Guanying  +86-755-88018244




geo_students@sustc.edu.cn(for students)

geo_sustc@sustc.edu.cn (for public)

geo_general@sustc.edu.cn(for public)

intladmissions@sustc.edu.cn(for international student admissions)